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The Surfcamp Staff

All the surf camp staff will always do their best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Be helpful with whatever you will need. Information on how to get around Dakar and get the most out of your trip. It's always a pleasure for the staff to show you how they live. While you will progressively meet them all during your stay, a few are introduced here.

Ngor Island Surfcamp staff

Pierre-Louis Denaro - the owner of Ngor Island Surfcamp

  • Highly experienced Surf Guide specialising in West Africa

  • Qualified international surf judge and official

  • Also works for the Senegalese National Surf Team

Mamegore - the 'Google' of the surfcamp

  • Your go-to guy for inside knowledge

  • More reliable than a Toyota Landcruiser

  • Designs fashionable bags from local African materials


Ngalla, Adama & Mbabou - Surf coaching team

  • ISA qualified instructors as well as certified lifeguards

  • Senegalese National Surf Team athletes

  • Also proficient spear fishermen

Allasane - Surf trip driver

  • Always in the right place, at the right time

  • If you get pitted so pitted, it's thanks to this guy

  • Straight up 100% legend

Dame Mbengue.jpg

Bai Dame - Boat trip captain

  • Drops you off at the peak just before the set wave

  • Rejected multiple offers from big cruise ship companies

  • Knows how to party in Dakar

Rita - Surfcamp dog

  • A trusty companion and a loyal guard dog

  • Prefers chasing stones than rubber balls

  • Probably swims better than you

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