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The Surf School

Surfing is for everyone. We have lessons for all ages, levels and personal needs. From people that have neither seen a surfboard nor the sea before, to those that already have previous experience of surfing but still don`t feel comfortable with it and those who have been riding waves for years and want to improve their technique. The teachers at the surf school are all local surfers with industry-standard ISA qualifications & national lifeguard diplomas. Many are either current or ex-athletes for the Senegalese national surf team. They will teach you how to surf, guide you to the best surf spots and give you an all African surfing experience.


Group Lessons

For beginners and intermediates, with a maximum ratio of 1:5 (1 teacher for 5 students).

1 group lesson = 2 hour surf session, including a warm-up and a short break if necessary.

Including: ISA qualified instructors + Wetsuit + Surfboard + transport to the surf spot.

(It is possible to use your own board.

Group lesson Price: 25 Euro per lesson / 125 Euro for 6 lessons / 240 Euro for 12 lessons


Private lessons

For all levels, with a 1:1 teacher/student ratio.

1 private lesson = 2 hour surf session, including a warm-up and short break if necessary.

Including: ISA qualified instructor + extensive post-session feedback + Wetsuit and Surfboard + transport to the surf spot.

Private lesson Price: 35 Euro per lesson / 150 Euro for 5 lessons / 275 Euro for 10 lessons

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