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Bandia Animal Reserve

Day trips from the surfcamp

Even though we are on an island, it's very easy and efficient to travel to the mainland to have a day trip out. If necessary, we can even help you organise a trusted driver and car for the day - hiring a driver and car is generally affordable, even if you are going outside Dakar. Below our just some suggestions of what you could do if you decide to add some local tourism to your surf trip in Senegal. Don't hesitate to ask for more ideas or help with planning a multi-stop custom tour.


1. Visit the HLM market in the city where hundreds of vendors show off thousands of colourful fabric. Choose a design you like and get it made into a custom tailored clothing of your choice in just 3 days! Price of fabric is 1.50€ per metre. e.g. you need about 3 metres for a shirt or dress and the tailoring will cost between 10-15€.

2. ​​Just a 90 minute drive from the surfcamp is the Bandia Reserve. This animal reserve is home to some amazing wildlife and scenery. A two hour safari costs 18.50€ per person.

3. If you like staying in the water, why not try scuba-diving to see a variety of marine, including sea turtles? Remember, there are no sharks in Senegal, so it's alright! You can try it, even as a first-time, with the Barracuda Diving Club which is located just two minutes from the surfcamp!

4. Are you an art fan? Dakar has recently opened its Museum of Black Civilisations, a beautiful modern building filled with mesmerising collections of fine African history. As an addition, or an alternative, you can spend an afternoon at Loman Art House, enjoying the modern art in this open-house mansion which includes a café and a swimming pool!

5. Need an extra rush of adrenaline? How about going rock-climbing on the Almadies cliffs overlooking a surf spot? The Lizards of Dakar climbing group usually meet on the weekend and are always open to visitors. You can also go to their bouldering centre in the city. Climbing shoes can be rented, but it is recommended to bring your own, if possible.

These are just a few ideas. There are lots of things to see and do, including many fantastic restaurants. The surfcamp team will be delighted to recommend you their own favourite ideas.

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