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Board rental options

We take our quiver very seriously, so if you need to rent a board while you are here, we will have what you want. You won't find any old beat-up boards here, only excellent quality surfboards in professionally maintained conditions.

All of the following are available to rent (see prices):

  • Soft-top beginner boards

  • Mini-mals and mid-length boards for progressing

  • Shortboards for progressing

  • High-performance shortboards

  • Twin fins

  • Longboards

  • Guns and Mini-guns for big wave riding

  • Stand-Up-Paddle boards

It is also possible to rent wetsuits and buy reef boots (booties).

If your own board needs a ding repair, not to worry!

Our fully equipped board repair shop is always open, and our skillful local shapers will usually fix any damage within 48 hours!

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