Board rental options

We take our quiver very seriously, so if you need to rent a board while you are here, we will have what you want.

All of the following are available to rent (see prices):

  • Soft-top beginner boards

  • Mini-mals and mid-length boards for progressing

  • Shortboards for progressing

  • High-performance shortboards

  • Twin fins

  • Longboards

  • Guns and Mini-guns for big wave riding

  • Stand-Up-Paddle boards

It is also possible to rent wetsuits and reef boots (booties).

If your own board needs a ding repair, not to worry!

Our fully equipped board repair shop is always open, and our skillful local shapers will usually fix any damage within 48 hours!

Being in West Africa, it can sometimes be hard for us to access surf equipment. If you have an old board or wetsuit you would like to bring over for us, that would be fantastic!