Massage and Physiotherapy

Surf everyday injury-free by booking a professional recovery sports massage from our resident physiotherapist, Pierre-Louis 'Ocean' Denaro - yes, the same guy who owns the surfcamp!

Pierre-Louis is specialised in surf medicine, serving as the Head of Medical to the Senegalese national surf team. He has vast experience in surfing injuries, having provided medical support at world championship and WSL surfing events. He is also part of the academy team at Surfing Medicine International - the global leading medical association for surf medicine.


Degree: B.Sc. Physiotherapy (honours), University of Amsterdam.

You can equally visit his Facebook page, Surfing Physiotherapy where you can find a great source of information on surf medicine, with a special focus on surf physiotherapy. The content on this page aims to promote physiotherapy for surfing. Clinicians and surf athletes may find useful ideas and inspiration for their own physiotherapy work and/or sporting performance.